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Congratulations to our winners!

Thank you for voting and showing your support for community parks - the places that make our lives and our communities better. These 16 parks will receive $20,000 each to help their communities be active, live healthier and connect with nature. Scroll through the gallery to see the winning parks and projects.

  • Climbing to New Heights

    Austin, Texas

    Help Austin youth and families climb to new heights at the Austin Nature & Science Center. A new climbing wall will allow for expanded programming, helping more people get active.

    Climbing to New Heights Vote
  • Nature Explore Classroom

    Brevard County, Florida

    Help Riverwalk Nature Center extend its interactive offerings through a new classroom that will encourage exploration through water and climbing areas, gardening, natural play elements and music.

    Nature Explore Classroom Vote
  • Bringing the Outdoors In

    Charlotte, North Carolina

    Year-round garden programming at three recreation centers will give youth and their families in Charlotte a sense of achievement when they have the opportunity to produce their own healthy foods.

    Bringing the Outdoors In Vote
  • Prairie Mazes at Garfield Park Conservatory

    Chicago, Illinois

    Two mazes using 6-7 ft. high and 2-3 ft. high prairie grasses will be designed to help children and teens work on problem solving skills while connecting to nature as they try to find their way out.

    Prairie Mazes at Garfield Park Conservatory Vote
  • Hillside Park Revitalization

    Durham, North Carolina

    Turn an underutilized outdoor roller skating rink into a futsal soccer court so youth have the opportunity to participate in this exciting, blossoming sport.

    Hillside Park Revitalization Vote
  • Highway City Science Center Life and Environmental Program

    Fresno, California

    Give Fresno's youth the chance to learn about water conservation while canoeing in the San Joaquin River and explore nature while backpacking in the Sierra and Sequoia National Forest.

    Highway City Science Center Life and Environmental Program Vote
  • Hartford Youth Rowing on the CT River

    Hartford, Connecticut

    Give deserving Hartford youth the opportunity to get on the river through Riverside Park's Hartford Youth Rowing on the Connecticut River program.

    Hartford  Youth Rowing on the CT River Vote
  • Fruit Orchard and Community Garden at Herman Brown Park

    Houston, Texas

    Volunteers will work alongside the Furr High School Green Ambassadors to create a community garden, which will provide fruits and vegetables to local residents.

    Fruit Orchard and Community Garden at Herman Brown Park Vote
  • Toberman Baseball Upgrades

    Los Angeles, California

    Provide much needed upgrades to the ball diamond and field at Toberman Recreation Center and enhance both the safety and overall quality of experience for youth players.

    Toberman Baseball Upgrades Vote
  • Ojus Park Disabilities Service Fence

    Miami, Florida

    The Ojus Park Community Center is the new site for the Disability Services Afterschool Program and it needs a safety fence to create a safe place for the children in the program to engage in sports.

    Ojus Park Disabilities Service Fence Vote
  • Windmill Community Garden

    New York City, New York

    By adding raised garden beds, seating, healthy soil and a rainwater harvesting structure, the Windmill Community Garden will give this neighborhood some needed green space.

    Windmill Community Garden Vote
  • Engelwood Neighborhood Center Garden

    Orlando, Florida

    Help improve the current garden by adding two greenhouses, two storage sheds, irrigation, raised garden beds for seniors, wheelchair access and potting stations.

    Engelwood Neighborhood Center Garden Vote
  • Northern Liberties Living Wall

    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    Add some greenery to this "cement park" by adding a living wall comprised of gardens to the fence around the pool deck, allowing children the opportunity to garden while providing shade to visitors.

    Northern Liberties Living Wall Vote
  • Potrero del Sol Community Garden

    San Francisco, California

    One of the oldest community gardens in San Francisco needs updating. Help add a new shed and replace garden beds to make it more accessible for families and seniors to harvest fresh vegetables.

    Potrero del Sol Community Garden Vote
  • Camp Long Program

    Seattle, Washington

    Camp Long will offer recreational learning opportunities and environmental stewardship to ten 3rd grade classes for a field trip of rock climbing, hiking and a service project.

    Camp Long Program Vote
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Ingrando Park

Houston, Texas